Garrison Academy For Cambridge Studies


The salient features are as under:-

  1. Promotion from O’ Level-I to O’ Level-II will be subject to passing all the subjects with minimum 60% marks in each subject. The course content covered in the First Term will also be included in the Final Term.
  2. Students in O’ Level-II and O’ Level-III who secure minimum 60% marks in each subject of Send-UP Examination would be allowed to sit for CIE papers as GACS candidates. Those who fail to get the requisite marks even after Re-Send-Ups would be given an option to repeat the same class.
  3. If the option to repeat the same class is not acceptable to the student, then there is no restriction imposed by GACS as such, for the candidate to appear for CIE papers as a candidate from the British Council.
  4. The same will be applicable to AS and A-II students.