Garrison Academy For Cambridge Studies

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Garrison Academy for Cambridge Studies offers you a unique experience that can be found only here. As a student, you get a solid foundation from your O’ and A- Level courses. But that’s not all. You are surrounded by a support system of faculty members, and friends who will help you succeed. You will be involved in multiple educational experiences on and off campus and through varied interactions learn more about yourself, your potential to excel and eventually be able to put in the effort and motivation to reach your cherished goals. Certainly, it is going to be a significant chapter in your life. Our distinguished alumni are enrolled in prestigious universities within the country and they touch lives all over the world through international placements. You can be one of them.


  • Activity Calendar (2019 - 20)
  • SUMMER SCHOOL TIMINGS wef 19 August 2019
    Monday to Thursday:
    07:30 a.m to 01:35 p.m
    07:30 a.m to 12:35 p.m


A flagship project of LGES, Garrison Academy for Cambridge Studies is committed to prepare students for admission in professional colleges across the globe by enabling them realize their innate abilities, while establishing norms and values that will transform them into productive members of the community. GACS means a lifelong membership to dynamism, innovation and positive values of living. Constantly, we intend to improve our services by being responsive to the needs of our students who are our stakeholders and most importantly our investment in the future. The ever changing and challenging global markets need young people who have been educated to treat excellence as a habit, and through our faculty and facilities we strive to provide a milieu to enable our students excel in cognitive and social domains. We focus on empowering our students as their education encompasses not just the teacher intensive approach in the classrooms but student-based interactive small group settings, class discussions, and of course experiential learning. At every step, we focus on proficiencies that will enrich our students to go ahead and be successful in their lives. We believe that teaching and learning are interlinked. While we help our students excel in the courses at GACS, the students' also inspire our teachers to sharpen their skills. Altogether, the teachers, students, parents and the management work as a team to complete the success equation. We are committed to empower our students by offering holistic education and preparing them to be ‘Gainers’, ‘Attainers’, ‘Creators’ and ‘Signatories’ of the new world. If you want to know more, come and visit us. I am sure that the campus will captivate you and you'll join us in saying: We are GACS!